Our Story

It was always our dream to create something together that combined our knowledge across various industries where we could help people and allow us to focus on our family and that all important healthy work/life balance. So back in 2014, we decided to put things in place to create…


a place where talking about Mortgages, Insurance, KiwiSaver and anything to do with building wealth is welcomed!

In 2020, Stuart and Renee came on board as co-owners and this photo is us celebrating this achievement and milestone! It feels amazing to share this and to grow WealthHealth all together!

Our Passion is Helping People Achieve Their Goals

We love helping our clients realise their wealth goals. Wealth can mean many things – actual cash and money in the bank, feeling secure that your family is or will be provided for, maybe owning your own home and paying off that mortgage as quickly as possible, perhaps buying investment properties, or simply knowing that your retirement will be sorted.

Most people we know are rushing about being busy with jobs and kids and life, and don’t have the time to stop and make sure they have the best mortgage structure, are properly protected by insurance, or are on the right path to achieve their own dreams!

Whether you want to get into your first home, start your property investment portfolio, protect your family and your home with quality insurance at the best price, or just have an understandable, achievable financial plan laid out for you, we’d love to help.

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