The WealthHealth Team

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Why Choose us?

The only agenda we are focused on… is our customers!

We take the time to understand where you are coming from and where you want to go, so that we can put 100% focus into a financial plan that will help you get there.

When you go through the process of getting a mortgage or insurance policy alone, you have to book appointments with various banks or providers, go to their location, find a car park and then explain your situation over and over again. You may get the best plan – but you might not! Then you have the trouble of following up with each bank or provider, which uses up even more of your valuable time.

There’s a better way!

At WealthHealth, you only need to tell us your situation once, and then we go away and work out the best plan for you. We talk to the lenders, banks & providers for you and we usually get the best price the first time (cause with a click of a button, we can ask someone else). Plus, we keep in contact with you along the way, ensuring the plan is working for you and making tweaks if we need to.

If you want professional, unbiased, highly qualified and experienced help with your finances, book a chat today!

Adviser FSP Numbers

Each adviser that provides advice under the WealthHealth name, is individually registered with the Financial Markets Authority and each has their own registration number. Click on their profile to learn more.

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